Strategic marketing

Marketing is about how to invent, create and sell.

Everything else - from strategic formulas to outdoor advertising, from BCG matrix to souvenir pens, from brand creative strategy to yellow price tags in a chain supermarket, from analytics to a corporate booklet - are parts of a single valuable structure.

To invent. To create. To sell.

And if the marketing people in your company do not generate profitability of the present and future periods on a daily basis, then you have the right to ask: what are these people doing at all?

While you are waiting for an answer to this question, we shall tell you what we do:

  • Marketing strategy in the medium and long term.
    • Investing in development of existing products? Investing in promotion or production? Creating a new product on the old market? Entering new markets with new products and services or diversifying your business entirely? We offer reasoned solutions. We assess various options and make financial forecasts for different strategic scenarios.
  • Creation and market launch of a new product.
    • The whole range of Marketing Mix from the product concept to implementation of the period sales plan.
    • Developing an idea, working with R&D and technologists, elaborating a creative and communicative brand concept, development of price positioning, sales plan; budgeting, planning and realization of advertising and promotion, developing incentive programmes for sale channels and end consumer.
    • We evaluate the economic result in the plan/fact format.
  • System marketing analytics.
    • Any types of marketing analytics for making managerial decisions: markets, products, competitors, consumers, related industries, SWOT and PEST analysis, macroeconomic environment analytics - dynamics, comparison, forecast - as a must.
    • Static data are handled by statistics while analytics not only gives the present-day picture, but also predicts the future, creating probabilistic scenarios and assessing the risks of business decisions.
    • And yes, this is also marketing.
  • Sales planning.
    • The sales plan cannot be a result of bargaining between the commercial and financial directorates.
    • We create a reasonable sales plan in terms of products, customers, sale channels, with any explicitation in the medium term. We take into account internal and external trends, market conditions, competitors' activity, consumers' behaviour, seasonal character, brand’s life cycle and much more.
    •  We take responsibility for the accuracy of forecasts within the error limit range up to 10%.
  • Marketing communications.
    • No one has ever sold anything silently. Therefore, we organize integrated marketing communications campaigns for any business segment: from B2B with government contracts to FMCG foodstuffs. 
    • Integrated planning of advertising campaigns: traditional types of ATL - television and outdoor advertising, classical print media; BTL - advertising at points of sale, promotional offers, tasting, presentations, special price offers schemes, etc.; Internet advertising - from banner advertising at web portals, contextual advertising, targeting, SMM - to individual work with opinion leaders, segmentation of target audience by requests and targeted impact on microgroups covering up to several hundred respondents.
    • BigData technologies: we shall find what you need, evaluate, draw up a psychological portrait and develop a programme of individual informational impact on both a group of individuals and a member thereof.
  • Constructing a company's marketing system.
    • We develop a marketing service staff structure that is adequate to the goals faced by the business. We will draw up regulations, provisions, instructions and other regulatory documents necessary for implementation of assigned tasks. We will recruit people, organize due staffing, will train your people, develop a plan and realize its first positions together.
    • Moreover, we shall provide expert support of the formed unit after the completion of the whole work.

The integrated marketing solutions and their particular elements have been realized for the companies: