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Organizational and management consulting

Organizational development is an area in management, which is at the intersection of psychology and technology. Specialists of Residence Management Company solve the following tasks of the customer company:

  • Increasing the technological level of the internal business processes;
  • Improving the manageability of the company;
  • Reducing dependence of business performance on employees.

Quality of work, business performance, and level of customer satisfaction depend on the state of the internal arrangement of the company. Experts of Residence will harmonize the functional internal systems of the company, will improve and arrange work of the company in different areas, as well as work of its business units in a unified manner. The main task is to bring the internal environment of the company in line with its strategic goals, to ensure that all business processes, including employee incentive programme, contribute to the development of the company.
Professional organizational management in the company forms a mechanism for effective conflict-free interaction between employees and departments, optimizes the information flows and the document management system, regulates activities. Technological effectiveness is the key principle, on which our experts base their organizational development. It is a factor that guarantees:

  • Correspondence of the internal environment of the company to the scale of its operations (the internal environment does not impede market development);
  • Competitive advantages;
  • Peace of mind of the owner (transparency and controllability of the internal environment).

Relations between Residence Management Company and the customer are based on building mutual trust between our specialists and owner of the company. We strive to ensure that the pattern of organizational changes is as transparent and understandable to the customer as possible. We work to secure interests of the company’s owner to achieve the goals of the company and ensure its long-term success. We identify the primary source of the problem in the company, select and implement a management model that best meets the company's plans, its strategies, and life-cycle stages. We interact with specialists from different functional areas to ensure comprehensive and complete fulfillment of the tasks of the customer company.

In what situations is Organizational and management consulting?
  • Development of strategy, mission, values of the company;
  • Optimization / adjustment of tactics and strategy of development of the company;
  • Search for alternative ways to develop the company;
  • Increase the efficiency of work of staff and the company as a whole.
What we offer to solve problems
Integrated management audit

Specialists of Residence Management Company carry out an integrated audit of the company's management system. Within the scope of the audit activities, the following is analyzed:

  • Organizational structure and internal environment of the company;
  • Business processes;
  • Regulations;
  • Methods for managing changes within the company.

Our experts will help owner of the company to determine whether the current situation corresponds to the strategy and objectives of the company. Based on the diagnostic findings, we develop a strategy and determine the steps necessary to achieve the goal of the customer company.

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Examination of the organizational structure / organizational chart of the company

Specialists of the company perform analysis of effectiveness of the company’s organizational structure. In the course of work, the following is examined:

  • Allocation of responsibilities;
  • Allocation of functions;
  • The effectiveness of interaction between employees and business units;
  • System manageability and performance.

At the request of the client, our experts are ready to carry out an examination of the organizational chart of the company, implying more detailed analysis and additional blocks (company objectives, business processes, corporate culture, employee incentive programme).

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Elaboration of organizational development strategy

The organizational development strategy for the company at any given time sets the direction of the company's development to achieve business goals.

Specialists of Residence Management Company will develop a strategic management system for the customer company, taking into account:

  • Industry specific characteristics;
  • Life-cycle stage of the company;
  • Market dynamics;
  • Position of the company in the market and environment inside the company.

We will help to determine the degree of strategy development and timing of planning, depending on these factors.

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Development and optimization of the organizational structure / organizational chart of the company

We provide services for developing an organizational structure and an organizational chart in a single package or separately. When developing the organizational structure, experts of Residence Management Company proceed from goals of the company, strategy of the company, and also take into account the specifics of business and the style of work in the company.

Development of the organizational chart, in addition to development of the organizational structure, includes preparation of job descriptions, optimization of business processes, development of corporate culture, incentive programme for personnel.

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Management of organizational changes / implementation of organizational development strategy

The goal of managing the organizational changes is to ensure the implementation of the chosen development strategy.

Acting on behalf of the customer company, our specialists ensure the consistent formation of the planned management system:

  • Involvement of functional specialists for the implementation of projects;
  • Coordination of implementation of functional projects;
  • Control over quality and compliance of projects with the selected management system.
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Development and implementation of activity regulation system

Our experts develop a system of regulation of activities in cooperation with employees of the customer company involved in relevant activities. The experience and knowledge of the methodology for the development of regulations of specialists of Residence Management Company will make it possible to develop and implement a system of regulation for the customer company that will help to effectively regulate the activities of employees and business units to achieve business goals.

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Development, optimization, and implementation of business process regulations

The activity of any company consists of the business processes aimed at achieving the strategic goals of the company.

Specialists of Residence Management Company describe and optimize business process of different complexity. We will carry out description, modernization, and regulation of business processes to suit achievement of any task: from business process map to technological processes of the lower level.

The results of our work will help to improve the efficiency through optimization of the following process characteristics:

  • Quality;
  • Expenses;
  • Speed;
  • Interaction of elements, etc.

Modernization of business processes will provide an opportunity to increase transparency by creating process-regulating documents and manageability through the introduction of performance indicators for process management procedures.

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Development of technical specifications for architects of information systems

Experts of Residence Management Company play the role of a transitional link between the company and the architects of information systems.

We create process flow diagrams for further automation and introduction into the information system of the customer company.

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Development of business plans

Specialists of Residence Management Company provide services of development of business plans, including production, marketing, organizational, legal, financial, management components. All functional areas work as a single set, which makes it possible to follow the logics of preparation of a business plan. Experts determine the degree of detalization and contents of business plans based on the goals of the customer.

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Preparation of the company for scaling

For some projects, scalability of business is an essential task. In practice, three ways of business scaling are used:

  • Expansion of the branch network of the company;
  • Launch of franchise;
  • Use of partner affiliates or affiliate network.

Specialists of the company will perform the following tasks in the framework of rendering a business scaling service:

  • Analysis of the existing business model and its adaptation for scaling;
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for scaling;
  • Management of changes, as well as support of the package of documents.
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The way we work
  • Specialists working in different areas of Residence Management Company provide for integrated approach. Coordination with various functional areas allows to effectively evaluate various aspects of the company's activities, plan and implement the organizational changes;
  • When developing recommendations for organizational changes, the criteria and objectives of the owner, the state of the market are taken into account.
  • When determining the scope and cost of services, we take into account the type of activity of the customer company, specific features of its business processes, areas of activity, and many other factors;
  • The dialogue with the customer company is based on the principle of mutual trust and striving to achieve the customer's goals.
  • Specialists of Residence Management Company have diversified experience and high level of competence in the field of organizational management;
  • Independent expert evaluation, recommendations, and their implementation with the help of our experts will allow the owner to improve the manageability of its company and technological efficiency of the organizational system.

What you will receive as a result

  • Transparent and understandable analysis of the company's internal structure and organizational change plan;
  • Saving of time and resources;
  • Increase in value of the company;
  • Increase in manageability and efficiency of business processes;
  • Comprehensive services;
  • Reduction of dependence on personnel;
  • Technological efficiency.

Business support

Organizational development and performance management

Specialists of Residence Management Company are ready to provide a regular function to manage the organizational development of the company.

Together with the customer, we will:

  • Adjust work of all systems in the company, organize system of regulation;
  • Help to ensure quality and efficiency of work, conflict-free interaction between business units;
  • Control compliance with the internal rules and regulations;
  • Optimize internal business processes, duties allocation chart,

thus, ensuring work of all functional business units in a unified matter to achieve goals of the company and perform the planned tasks.

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