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Marketing consulting

Marketing is one of the priority areas of management in the modern market. Building a successful marketing strategy and marketing planning for long-term business success require high competence of specialists.

Experts of the Residence Management Company will conduct a marketing audit, analyze the efficiency of the company's activities in the market in comparison with its competitors. They will develop a marketing strategy and select a set of tools for its implementation, help to identify or create competitive advantages for the business.

We will develop recommendations for further development and help to implement the necessary changes. We do not only provide consulting services, but also support the company at all the stages of organizational changes.

In addition, we assess investment planning, calculate payback periods, make economic justification for projects, and develop business plans. We assess the market situation when selling or developing a project, evaluate the brand portfolio and pricing system, create a forecast model, and formulate the project development scenarios.

The experts of Residence Management Company pay attention to the following factors when analyzing, planning, and supporting changes in the client company:

  • Market condition and the competitive environment;
  • Business development in a specific location;
  • Potential of the client company.

In what situations is Marketing consulting?
  • Company has a new owner
  • Business preparation for sale
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Existing marketing activities in the company do not bring the desired results and do not have a significant impact on the company's profit growth
  • Company has found itself in a crisis and needs a new marketing strategy
  • Shift to a new positioning, launch of a new product line, etc.
  • Search for alternative ways of development
What we offer to solve problems
Search for a market niche, assessment of market conditions for various business segments

To determine the area of the company's development or its expansion with access to new markets, the specialists of Residence Management Company assess market situation and search for a market niche. Our experts determine the supply and demand ratio, market trends, and dynamics, determine the level of risk of the project's launch at the market and competitive conditions. We conduct market analysis and based thereon we build a strategic platform for the future brand.

Specialists of Residence Management Company conduct market research by systematically collecting, recording, processing, and analyzing marketing information to study the current situation on the market and make the right marketing decisions for the client company.

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Regional expansion analysis

Specialists of Residence Management Company analyze marketing environment in preparation for regional expansion of the business. They study the overall condition of the market and market segment, competitive environment, consumer demand in the region.

We will assess the attractiveness of the regional market for expanding the business of the client company, assess the risks and scale of the market, examine its structure and dynamics. We will develop forecasts and estimate the potential for the development of the customer's business in the region in question. Based on the analysis data, we will draw up a business development strategy and help the customer to implement it.

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Marketing audit

Our specialists carry out market research by systematically collecting, recording, processing, and analyzing marketing information to study current problems in the product market and make the right marketing decisions for the client company. Residence Management Company experts conduct marketing audit of the company's internal and external environment to develop an effective marketing strategy for the company.

A fundamental feature of marketing audit is its targeted focus on addressing a specific problem or a set of marketing problems.

Our specialists study:

  • Market condition
  • Consumer demand and preferences
  • Characteristics of the goods or services of the client company
  • Pricing
  • Products promotion
  • Internal environment of the enterprise
  • Competitive environment
  • Sales promotion and advertising systems

The availability of complete and objective marketing information largely determines the company's success in the market.

For each company, we determine the scope of marketing research based on the needs of the customer and case-by-case approach.

Our experts will conduct professional ABC-analysis, SWOT-analysis, and other types of research at the stage of preparation for the marketing strategy development and planning.

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Marketing planning

Based on the analysis of market conditions and marketing audit, the specialists of Residence Management Company develop plans to implement a set of marketing activities of the client company. As part of the trust management, we support the company in the process of marketing plan implementation, we select subcontractors, and are responsible for the marketing tasks of the company as a general contractor.

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Marketing strategy development

Most strategic decisions that any company makes are in the field of marketing. Creation of new business, merger and acquisition, development of a new market niche, dealer policy, product line narrowing or expansion, selection of suppliers and partners ‒ all these and many other decisions are made within the marketing strategy. Business success depends on the quality of the company's marketing strategy.

Our experts will help the customer to develop a marketing strategy that will effectively meet the business objectives.

Our specialists carry out a set of works to create an effective marketing strategy in accordance with the following stages:

  • Enterprise strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • Market opportunities analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Market potential assessment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Study of clients and partners relations
  • External environment influence analysis
  • Marketing audit
  • Marketing audit of the internal environment
  • Identification of areas for improving old products and development of the new ones
  • Marketing plan development
  • Marketing activities monitoring and control
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Marketing system deployment in the company

Marketing system has direct influence on company’s profitability. Our experts will help to organize this system, taking into account the market and internal market analytics, the company's goals and strategy, and will choose the best marketing tools for achieving business goals.

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Development of pricing system and promotion program (within the framework of trust management)

Within the comprehensive support of the client company and trust management of the business, the specialists of Residence Management Company will develop a system of marketing channels and tools, a pricing system (including discounts and loyalty programs), and make recommendations for promotion.

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The way we work
  • Marketing specialists provide services in conjunction with other functional divisions of Residence Management Company within the framework of trust management
  • When developing recommendations, plans, and marketing strategies for organizational changes, the criteria and goals of the owner, the state of the market, a set of external and internal factors are taken into account
  • When determining the scope and cost of services, we take into account the type of activity of the client company, features of its business processes, scope and type of activity, as well as many other factors
  • Terms of the client company support and distribution of responsibility areas between the client company and Residence Management Company can be different and depend on the characteristics of the company and the client's goals
  • Dialogue with the client company is based on the principle of mutual trust and striving to achieve the client's goals
  • The experts of Residence Management Company have diversified experience and high level of competence in the field of marketing management
  • We not only offer solutions, but also implement changes that we recommend. We carry out business support in the process of solving the client’s tasks, adjusting, and monitoring plans implementation
  • At the stage of concluding an agreement with the client, we determine the areas of responsibility and fulfill all obligations to achieve the goal of cooperation
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