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IT Consulting

Information plays a crucial role in today’s world and is one of the main assets of any company.

Systematizing and managing the generated knowledge, creating a decision-making and monitoring system, the problems of risk management ‒ these and other important issues face the head of the company today.

Specialists at Residence MC have many years of experience in implementing IT installation/adaptation projects in companies in various segments of the market. This helps save resources and guarantee professional stability, safety and convenience of the IT infrastructure for business.

The expert team of the company will hold the IT audit to determine the main needs and possible risks of the client company.

One of the main principles of our work is the balance between the price and the quality, optimization of costs, coordination of our actions with the goals of your business.

Residence Company manages information technologies in a comprehensive manner, which allows to find an optimal solution for the customer’s business. Based on the company’s development strategy and its business goals, the team of experts will choose the functional requirements for the information infrastructure that correspond fully to the needs of the customer’scompany.

In what situations is IT Consulting?
  • When IT system functions do not correspond to business goals;
  • When the IT infrastructure in the company is unstable;
  • When there’s lack of control over software and hardware;
  • When a unified information system must be set up in a company with large territory;
  • When the company needs to grow and introduce new information technologies and automate business processes;
  • When the organization’s tactics and strategy need to be corrected.
What we offer to solve problems
Audit of IT Infrastructure

Specialists of Residence MC will analyze the network infrastructure of the enterprise and determine the weak links in the IT system (ITS).

The audit is necessary in the following situations:

  • Before the network is upgraded;
  • After the network is upgraded, in order to determine its compliance to the company’s demands;
  • To define the reasons for failure (bad quality equipment or interference of some external software);
  • To assess the quality of the service (for instance, that of the Internet provider);
  • Before attracting outside contractors to administering the local computational network;

The company’s experts use only the objective information received during the audit for analysis. The technologies tested across a large number of projects allow to hold audits in the shortest time possible. After the audit the customer receives full documentation with detailed information on the state of the network infrastructure, along with recommendations on improving effectiveness of its operation Additionally, information is provided regarding correspondence of network infrastructure to its objectives, advice on further modernization and development of this infrastructure.

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Installation/Optimization of IT Infrastructure

Based on the analysis of IT infrastructure specialists of the company will define the risks and capabilities for increasing effectiveness of operation of all the components of the corporate information system.

During the process of installation/optimization of the IT infrastructure, experts of Residence Company work with the client to bring the IT system in accordance with the strategic goals of the business, determine the main IT resources and work with them using the process approach.

After the project is complete, the customer will receive the result that will fully match the strategic goals and objectives of the company, i.e.:

  • fully described functionality;
  • easy to use and securesoftware;
  • technical means for installation of software.
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Improving the Company’s Information Security

Experts at Residence MC will consult you on issues of information security and develop the bestsolutions in accordance with the specific requirements of your company.

During the project our specialists will:

  • create the forecast for using the IT infrastructure;
  • define the probable risks and problems related to IT security;
  • develop recommendations on lowering risks.

Guaranteeing security of the company’s information system will allow you to protect the company against hackers and keep all your assets and confidential information secure.

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The way we work
  • Coordination of IT specialists with different functional subdivisions will allow to assess effectively all the aspects of the company’s activities, plan and introduce the necessary changes into the IT system.
  • As the IT recommendations are being developed, all the components of the corporate information system are considered: the external environment, the company’s corporate culture, the requirements of normative documents, the users of the information system, etc.
  • The dialog with the customer’s company is based on mutual trust and the desire to achieve the goals of the customer;
  • Recommendations must be based on capabilities and resources of the customer’s company;
  • We develop recommendations with consideration of the customer’s business goals and strategies.
  • Specialists of Residence MC have experience in many varied fields and a high level of competence in the sphere of organizational management.
  • Independent expert assessment, implementation  of our recommendations with the help of our experts will allow the owner to improve security and reliability of the information system, and assure compliance of the IT infrastructure with the goals of the business.

What you will receive as a result

  • Your company’s IT infrastructure, balanced with the goals and objectives of the company in mind;
  • A corporate information system with an optimal price to quality ratio;
  • Lower time and resource costs;
  • Increased value of the company;
  • Automated business processes;
  • Comprehensive character of services;
  • High technical capabilities.
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