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Human resources management consulting

Constant changes in the market environment, technologies, and legislation require companies to pay close attention and response promptly. Experts of our company basing on modern methods and extensive industry experience will help in the implementation of effective programs in the field of human resources management in order to increase the profitability of the company.

The main principle, on which Residence specialists base their services, is the disclosure of the potential of each employee, its effective integration into the structure of the company within the framework of the set tasks, and, as a result, improving the productivity of the business as a whole.

In the framework of the joint work, experts of Residence Management Company will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current personnel management system, its compliance with the strategic objectives of the company, and will offer a comprehensive program of changes.

Personnel management specialists of Residence Management Company offer the following services:

  • Organization of HR service from scratch;
  • Increase the effectiveness of the existing human resources management function;
  • Development and optimization of individual HRprocedures:
    • Talent management;
    • Development of a competency framework;
    • Personnel assessment;
    • Personnel grading;
    • Development of employee incentive programme;
    • Corporate culture management;
    • Optimization of staffing;
    • Preparation of organizational regulations in the field of personnel management;
    • Personnel audit.

In what situations is Human resources management consulting?
  • The existing system of personnel management is not adjusted to achieve the company's strategic goals;
  • The system of material incentives in the company is outdated and does not meet the current needs;
  • Low motivation and productivity of employees affects the quality of the company's work;
  • The system of personnel records management is not established;
  • The company needs to increase the efficiency of work of staff and the company as a whole;
  • In the geographically dispersed company, there is no uniform system of motivation;
  • There is a need to develop or change corporate culture;
  • High staff turnover in the company.
What we offer to solve problems
Increasing the effectiveness of HR function

The goal: to create an effective HR function in the company capable of implementing the strategy of human capital development.

Project description:

  • Preparation of a road map for the development of HR functions: conducting an integrated audit of the HR system in the company, identifying development areas, developing recommendations for improving the HR management system in general and the main areas of work with personnel;
  • Assessment and training of HR specialists, automation of HR processes.
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Talent management

The goal: to identify and develop employees with high potential for the most successful implementation of the company's strategy.

Project description:

  • Identification of promising employees;
  • Building a system for their development and training, including assessment of competencies, implementation of an individual development plan, training, project implementation for business purposes.

As a result, assessment of competencies, review of implemented projects are organized, it is possible to assign employees to different positions.

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Development of a competency framework

The goal: to implement a single standard of the company, which determines what the employee should do to achieve the highest efficiency. In the competency framework, we can distinguish corporate, managerial,and professional competencies.

Project description:

  • Design of competency framework;
  • Planning and elaboration of levels of the framework;
  • Development of profiles of competencies for specific positions.
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Personnel assessment

The goal: hiring and retaining employees in the company, contributing to improving business performance.

Project description:

  • Assessment of abilities and competencies, personal qualities, professional knowledge of employees (methods used – written interview, assessment using case studies, assessment 360, assessment center, etc.);
  • Use of assessment tools at the following stages of the employee's life cycle in the company: during hiring, after the probation period, when making a decision to transfer to another position, exit interview;
  • Assessment of involvement, loyalty, level of satisfaction of employees.
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Personnel grading

Goals of the project:

  • Ensuring transparency and orderliness of payment system, its compliance with the business interests and priorities of the company;
  • Building a job hierarchy;
  • Ensuring control over payroll budget and the unified rules for determining the amount of wages.

Project description:

  • Development of job descriptions (job content, its functions, professional and personal competencies);
  • Evaluation of positions for the subsequent building of the job hierarchy and remuneration structure;
  • Development of methods for administering a new wage system.
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Development of employee incentive programme

The goal: introduction of a management tool that ensures motivation of employees and increases labor productivity.

Project description:

  • Determination of goals and tasks of the incentive programme;
  • Development of tools for material and non-material incentives for employees, taking into account the company's goals and specifics.
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Corporate culture management

The goal: transformation of the corporate culture as an important strategic factor mobilizing all the structural units of the organization and its individual employees to achieve the set goals, ensuring loyalty and commitment of employees.


  • Determination of the key factors of corporate culture;
  • Carrying out of a study to determine the degree of importance and satisfaction of employees with the key factors;
  • Implementation of the event program for the purposeful development of corporate culture;
  • Repeated (one year later) study of degree of satisfaction of employees.
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Optimization of staffing

The goal: realization to the fullest extent possible of the employees’ potential and increase of efficiency of work of the company.

Project description:

  • Conducting analysis of labor productivity in order to optimize labor costs;
  • Development of HR strategy.
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Preparation of organizational regulations in the field of personnel management

The goal: ensuring transparency and efficiency of business processes in the field of personnel management, reducing the risk of penalties imposed by the inspection bodies.

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Personnel audit

The goal: assessment of compliance of personnel records management with the requirements of legislation for the purpose of preparation for inspections carried out by the State Labor Inspectorate.

Project description:

  • Analysis of all personnel records of the company;
  • Development of recommendations to remove inconsistencies.
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The way we work
  • Specialists working in different areas of Residence Management Company provide for integrated approach. The integrated approach allows us to comprehensively assess various aspects of the company's activities, to plan and implement effective changes in the system of human resources management;
  • When developing recommendations for organizational changes, the criteria and objectives of the owner, resources of the company, the state of the internal and external environment of the company are taken into account.
  • The dialogue with the customer company is based on the principle of mutual trust and striving to achieve the customer's goals;
  • When developing the recommendations and choosing the methodology, specialists of Residence Management Company take into account the microclimate in the company, the features of the existing corporate culture, take into account the resources and capabilities of the company, and, on the basis of the above, offer a unique solution.
  • Specialists of Residence Management Company have diversified experience and high level of competence in the field of personnel management;
  • Independent expert evaluation, recommendations, and their implementation with the help of our experts will allow the owner to improve the efficiency of personnel management system;
  • Our specialists support the implementation of their recommendations on personnel management and bear the responsibility for the result.

What you will receive as a result

  • Increase in profitability of the company as a result of improvement of the personnel management system;
  • Effective corporate culture that meet the goals of the company;
  • Reduction of turnover of staff;
  • Increase in labor productivity;
  • Increase in manageability and efficiency of business processes;
  • Increase in value of the company;
  • Comprehensive services;
  • Technological efficiency.
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