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Financial and economic consulting

Business management requires the owner and/or the management manager to make a large number of decisions in a highly uncertain environment. If these decisions are supported by forecasts based on reliable financial information, it means that the planned result will be close to the real result.

Experts of Residence Management Company will help you to analyze the financial results of the company on a professional basis, conduct an efficiency assessment, and will propose solutions for raising it.

Experience shows that professional financial evaluation in most cases reveals negative trends, even if at first glance the business develops steadily. Correctly structured financial information shows the risk areas and prospective directions of development, reveals the causes and factors of generation of losses. Our specialists will professionally structure the financial information database and will help to determine which areas of business are more profitable to increase and which ones should be reduced to ensure long-term business success.

To determine the problems and needs of the customer company, the company's experts will assess the state of the business, the existing risks and develop a plan of measures to reduce them. At the same time, specialists of various functional areas of Residence Management Company work together, taking into account the mutual influence of marketing, personnel policy, information infrastructure, organizational structure on the company's financial condition.

Residence Company offers complex solutions affecting problematic areas and accompanies the customer company at all stages of implementation of the system solutions that in the long term will ensure the success and manageability of the business.

Specialists of Residence Management Company have experience in implementing various projects in the field of financial management.

In what situations is Financial and economic consulting?
  • The profitability of the company has decreased or is in a state of stagnation, it is necessary to correctly evaluate the results of the business;
  • A significant increase in the scale of business is planned/carried out;
  • It is planned to organize a holding company (group of companies with one management center) from individual local companies or such an organization is under way;
  • It is planned to carry out merger or acquisition of companies with new business partners or such a process is under way;
  • It is necessary to increase the efficiency of business by evaluating the profitability or unprofitability of various directions of activity of the company;
  • It is necessary to improve transparency and manageability of business;
  • It is necessary to receive a complete transparent picture of cash flows to determine and eliminate the reasons for the formation of cash gaps.
What we offer to solve problems
Financial and economic audit of the company

In companies with complex business processes (for example, continuous operation production) or for multi-industry groups of companies and in other similar cases with a large number of financial indicators and factors, in order to make correct management decision, the owner and/or management of the company need to receive professional evaluation of the results of not only the overall economic activities, but also individual areas, individual business processes. Our experts analyze all available financial statements, documentation, assets of the company, or the investment object, and if there is a lack of data, due diligence is carried out.

When conducting a financial and economic audit, specialists of Residence Management Company pay attention to the following factors:

  • Reliability, correctness, transparency of financial statements;
  • Compliance of financial statements with the company's accounting policies;
  • Correspondence of financial results to the strategic goals of the company;
  • Economic efficiency of use of resources, activities of various business units of the company;
  • Possible financial risks (asset losses, unmanaged cash gaps, unmanaged losses, etc.)
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Development of financial strategy

When developing the financial strategy of the customer company, the main task of specialists of Residence Management Company is to create the basis for the efficient management of future risks. It will make it possible to ensure the growth of business and in future to increase wealth of the company.

We know what instruments are the best to decrease the financial risks. In the course of strategic planning, we rely only on proven, systemic solutions that will enable the owner in the long term to implement effective management.

We take into account the current state of the market and, together with the customer, we correct the plans in accordance with changes in the external conditions.

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Setting the budgeting system

Residence Management Company offers a service of professional setting of the budgeting system.

Professional setting of the budgeting system gives the client the opportunity of effective management to achieve the set goals, which is based on correct forecasts of budget indicators and a system for managing deviations from budgets.

A properly organized budgeting system will allow the company's management:

  • To draw up a justified objective plan of action, relying on the strategic, tactical, and operational objectives of the company;
  • To coordinate effectively the work of different areas of operation of the company, as well as its divisions, individual employees;
  • To encourage management of all structural units to realize the goals of their centers of financial responsibility;
  • To control the work of the company, ensure high efficiency of work of the financial management system.
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Development of budgets of the company

Experts of Residence Management Company will help the customer to prepared justified budgets and control their fulfillment. Based on the analysis of financial standing of the company, we will help to identify and focus in budgets on achieving key economic indicators so as to maximize profits. At the same time, to switch from ineffective and costly "task/function management" to managing "by purpose".

In times of crisis, it is especially important to be able to determine and further achieve key economic indicators in order to achieve sustainability and business development. Our experts will help to assess the risks and opportunities for the company's growth.

In assessing the financial condition and developing plans, we proceed from actual financial indicators, rather than formal ones, which allows us to make effective recommendations for the long-term business success.

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Analysis of the results of financial and economic activities

Correct factor analysis of the financial results of the company becomes a reliable basis for making the right management decisions. To determine profitable and unprofitable positions, directions, types of activities, ineffective business decisions, it is necessary to correctly structure the database of financial indicators. On the basis of the analysis, to establish the connection of the results with the factors that affected the result.

Specialists of Residence Management Company will carry out restructuring of reporting, will group data in accordance with the financial cycles to give the owner a reliable picture of financial standing of the company. Based on the analysis data, we will evaluate the effectiveness and propose a plan of measures to strengthen the factors of profitability and optimization of costs.

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The financial and economic part of the business plan (feasibility study)

When preparing the financial and economic part of the business plan, we will develop a forecast of financial results, determine the prospects for profitability of the company, draft a cash flow project.

Our experts will help to evaluate the feasibility of launching a business line, creating a product or a service, a payback period and a return on investment.

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Investment planning

Specialists of Residence Management Company develop the forecast of the most effective investment of the company’s funds in assets.

When implementing investment planning, we take into account a set of factors: tax conditions, inflation, the general situation on the market, material resources, and production capacities of the company, the possibilities for financing the project being developed.

Our experts fulfill the following tasks:

  • Finding out the needs in investment resources;
  • Search of potential financial sources and development of issues of interaction with possible investors;
  • Evaluation of the cost of financial sources;
  • Evaluation of feasibility of investment, taking into account the return of borrowed funds;
  • Development of a detailed business plan for presentation to potential partners;
  • Assessment of risk factors that affect the ability to achieve the planned economic indicators of the investment project;
  • Evaluation of the payback period and return on investment.
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The way we work
  • Specialists from various areas of Residence Management Company work together, as the financial results of the customer's business are affected by a number of different factors from different areas of management. The integrated work of different industry areas make it possible to achieve the best result;
  • When developing budgets, financial strategy, and investment planning, criteria and goals of the owner and state of the market are taken into consideration.
  • When determining the scope and cost of services, we take into account the type of activity of the customer company, specific features of its business processes, the number of transactions, and many other factors;
  • The dialogue with the customer company is based on the principle of mutual trust and striving to achieve the customer's goals.
  • Specialists of Residence Management Company have diversified experience and high level of competence in the field of financial management;
  • The independent expert assessment of specialists of Residence Management Company will allow the owner to objectively assess the company's financial condition for making correct management decisions.

What you will receive as a result

  • Analysis of financial standing of the company and profitability of its business;
  • Development and implementation of measures to increase business efficiency: cut down of losses and increase of profits;
  • Establishment of financial management. Structuring of business based on financial models, centers of financial responsibility;
  • Budgeting. Control over the results of deviations of actual financial standing from the planned budget;
  • Development and implementation of the system of recommendations, including control over financial processes, incentive programme.

Business support

Integrated financial and economic services

Within the framework of support of companies, Residence Management Company provides a service of financial management, investment planning, and management. Our experts will help to organize financial accounting, organize planning, prepare analysis of compliance with the financial plans.

We also provide exclusive financial services on the basis of confidentiality.

Planning, budgeting, analysis

Our experts will take an active part in drawing up the optimal budget and monitoring its execution. Together with the customer, we carry out planning to determine the most effective ways of developing the client's business and implementing strategic business goals.

Based on the analysis, our consultants will evaluate the effectiveness of the company and develop recommendations for further activities.

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