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Trust business management

Management Company "Residence" provides an exclusive business trust management service. In cooperation with our clients, we solve tasks of organizational development and strategic management of companies, automation of business processes of companies, construction of holdings, management of geographically-distributed companies.

Companies constantly face market challenges: new technologies, increased competition, financial crisis. Each of them has a need for quick and competent response with due regard to the enterprise specifics (history, business traditions, microclimate and corporate culture).

The goal of our experts is to build such a system of company business management in which there is a fast, effective adaptation to external and internal changes.

Under the conditions of trust cooperation with the client, the specialists of MC Residence are solving complex management tasks:

  • Formalization of strategic and tactical goals of a client company;
  • Analysis of business current state;
  • Development of recommendations for solving problems and making correct management decisions;
  • Help in implementing changes and follow-up.

We select tools on a client-specific basis and we support them in problem business areas. Our solutions are aimed at changing those functional areas and competences that are necessary to ensure long-term efficiency and competitiveness of the business.

Under the conditions of trust cooperation with the client, we are setting up a corporate governance system.

The experts of MC Residence have experience in solving business problems for Russian companies in different sectors of the economy. Our specialists have a good practice of organizing management in holdings that unite different business areas in their portfolio. Together with the client, we can promptly engage specialists with the necessary competencies from different industries, which makes it possible to build a management system tailored to the specifics of the business.

Also, the service of trust business management is becoming a need for companies at that stage of the life cycle when the business reaches maturity and the owner starts looking for a hired manager or team to delegate management functions to a reliable person(s).

Together with the client, we are planning possible risks and costs in advance, control the course of organizational changes. Under the conditions of trust cooperation, we help to avoid conflicts, losses, dismissals associated with improper or untimely development of a management structure and selection of hired managers. We strive to ensure that as a result of our cooperation with the client, the transition period in the company is going according to the plan with minimal costs and high results. 

In what situations is Trust business management?
  • Arrangement of a management system in holdings or groups of companies, large geographically-distributed companies;
  • Incompliance of the corporate governance system with modern efficiency requirements;
  • Professional support in managing a growing business;
  • Transfer of a management function from the business owner to the hired managers.
The way we work
  • A joint work of a team of experts, which is formed on the basis of the departments of the management company "Residence", ensures a comprehensive approach to solving tasks of a client company;
  • When developing plans for organizational changes, the criteria and goals of the Founder, market requirements are taken into account;
  • Experience of the managing company "Residence" specialists allows considering a set of internal and external factors and offering effective solutions.
  • Plans and the form of works, reference points for each company are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the criteria and objectives of the client;
  • In cooperation with the Founder of the company, we develop methods for flexible response to market changes;
  • When proposing a solution, we take into account history of each company, peculiarities of its corporate culture and scope of its activities.
  • Specialists of the management company "Residence" have diversified experience and high level of competence in the development of management systems for geographically-distributed structures;
  • We do not only offer solutions, but also implement changes that we recommend. We carry out business support in the process of resolving the client's tasks, adjusting and monitoring plans implementation;
  • At the stage of concluding an agreement with the client, we define the areas of responsibility and fulfill all obligations to achieve the cooperation goal.

What you will receive as a result

  • The developed internal organizational system of the company taking into account strategic goals
  • Professional delegation of authority, distribution of responsibilities among the governing bodies
  • Formalized needs of the company, implemented solutions of tasks and automated business processes
  • A team of hired managers or our experts on the board of directors, management board or as general director
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