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Consulting for groups of companies

Management Company "Residence" provides complex consulting services for groups of companies. In close interaction with the Client, we organize a management system in a geographically-distributed company, we help form a holding company.

Today, there is a market trend for the formation of groups of companies with various types of business (in terms of scale, industry and life cycle stages). With regard to the high rates of development and expansion of business specifics, it becomes difficult for the owners to organize a unified management structure, monitor the movement of finance and ensure the stable development of all activities of a large company. Therefore, management quality may decrease, meanwhile the level of competition in the market is growing, and the staff becomes more difficult to control. Specialists of the Management Company Residence will help you to set up a management system for all business areas in the group of companies, create a single information system, organize a finance and accounting system and a staff incentives system.

Consulting service for the groups of companies may be required by the Client at that stage of business development when the management of a dynamically developing large-scale business becomes complicated without the transition from organic to system technologies. We support a client company throughout the entire period of organizational changes starting with the audit of the current situation and developing professional recommendations for building a management system to monitoring results and conducting performance evaluation. We manage risks and are responsible for the implementing our recommendations.

The key principles in the work of Management Company "Residence" are a case-by-case and integrated approach to the provision of services. In the framework of integrated business support, our specialists identify individual needs of a client company based on the research of all functional areas of activity. Based on the needs, we develop recommendations - an exclusive set of activities for the implementation of tasks for the benefit of the Client. To solve problems, we engage competent experts in various areas of business management: law, finance, accounting, organizational development, HR, marketing, IT.

Management in a group of companies requires a systematic approach as it is a matter of coordinating geographically distributed units, delegating authority and allocating financial flows. In cooperation with the experts of the Management Company "Residence", the Client can perform complex adaptation to the growing scale of business in the company and organize a management system in order to maintain the advantage of the business relative to competitors and compliance with market requirements. If necessary, we can promptly engage highly qualified specialists to ensure the necessary skills when supporting the company. We also recruit and train staff for a client company.

We analyze operation of functional subdivisions of a client company, and if they are not developed enough, in the framework of integrated business support, we propose that these functions are performed by the Departments of Management Company "Residence".

In what situations is Consulting for groups of companies?
  • For the business development, it is necessary to organize a management system in a holding company or a group of companies, geographically-distributed companies;
  • In a diversified holding with several types of business, it is difficult to organize a unified management system;
  • It is necessary to support qualified professionals in connection with the expansion of business, opening of branches;
  • Business launch at the new regional markets.
The way we work
  • A set of services provided by MC "Residence"  includes a full cycle of support for organizational and managerial changes in companies: from auditing to recommendations implementation and results follow-up;
  • A joint work of several "Residence" departments ensures a comprehensive approach to solving tasks of a client company;
  • When developing plans for organizational transformation, criteria and objectives of the owner, resources and capabilities of the company, requirements of the market, competitive environment, etc. are taken into account.
  • Plans and the form of works, reference points for each company are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the criteria and objectives of the client;
  • In cooperation with the owner of the company, we develop methods for flexible response to market changes;
  • When proposing a solution, we take into account history of each company, peculiarities of its corporate culture and scope of its activities.
  • Practical implementation of recommendations for a client company. Long-term experience of practitioners in the development of management systems with geographically distributed structures;
  • Fulfillment of missing functions in the structure of a client company.

What you will receive as a result

  • Development of management systems in a group of companies, a geographically-distributed company, a holding company
  • Identification of needs of a group of companies, development, implementation of recommendations and automatization of business processes
  • Business support in the process of opening new branches
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