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Business Support

In the course of work on projects of complex trust business management, together with the Client we analyze the current condition of the subdivisions in the company, identify shortcomings or gaps in functional areas. To ensure effective work on the introduction of changes in the company, it sometimes becomes necessary to quickly restore the necessary competencies. In this case, we suggest that we fulfil the missing functions.

Experts of the Management Company "Residence" have experience in implementing projects for the Russian companies' management in various business sectors, including multi-profile holdings. We help to perform tasks of varying complexity. We can promptly engage highly skilled professionals in order to ensure transformation effectiveness in the company taking into account the specifics of its activity.

After we achieve the project goals together with the Client, we help the Client to recruit the staff and form the subdivisions for regular fulfillment of the necessary functions in the company. We train and adapt employees to work under changed conditions.

What we offer to solve problems
Legal Services

Specialists of Residence MC provide a range of legal and custom-designed services as part of the legal support package. We will help our clients to build a corporate management system, review the ownership structure and optimize taxation. As part of the service package, we also assist in registering trade marks, obtaining licenses, registering and liquidating legal entities, hiring new staff. We support our clients in the process of settling any transactions and signing contracts, representing interests in the court of arbitration and out-of-court settlement of disputes.

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Management of Human Resources and Personnel Record Management

As part of the support program, specialists of Residence MC assist in developing the HRmanagement function.

We help organize and maintain personnel record management, develop internal normative local acts and a package of typical PRM templates. The personnel record management program includes:

  • Preparation of all personnel record management events (hiring, transfer, dismissal, business trips, vacations);
  • Renewal of all the necessary corporate documents after any introduced changes.

In cooperation with the client we hire staff, fine-tune staff adaptation and motivation systems.After carrying out a comprehensive assessment of the client company’s activities, specialists of Residence MC receive analytical data on staffing needs of the company. This knowledge will allow to determine precisely, which positions need to be replaced, what staff the company needs today and in the future.

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Accounting Services for Organization and Management Accounting

Specialists at Residence MC provide the following accounting services as part of their client support package.

  • Compliation and submission of accounting reports;
  • Accounting record keeping for internal use;
  • Regular accounting audits, inventorying of assets and liabilities, compilation of accounting documentation, etc.
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Comprehensive Financial and Economic Servicing

As part of their company support efforts, Residence Management Company provides financial management, investment planning and management services. Our experts will help you financial accounting, planning and financial target asessment. We also provide exclusive financial services with full confidentiality.

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Planning, Budgeting, Analysis

Experts of Residence MC will help the company to put together an optimal budget and monitor its implementation. In cooperation with the customer we carry out the planning to find the most effective way of developing the client’s business and implementing its strategic goals. We assess the effectiveness of the measures and use the analysis to develop recommendations for subsequent events.

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Marketing Management

As part of the company support, specialists of Residence MC not only provide strategic marketing services but also a number of additional service, such as development of loyalty and discount programs, development of promotion programs, assessment and formation of the assortment matrix, analysis of pricing, etc.

We are able to find highly qualified narrow specialists to implement various tactical objectives of the client company.

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Managing Sales

Specialsits of Residence MC offer support of sales management as part of their business support program. We will help increase the volume and intensity of sales and organize an interaction system between the participants of the selling process. In cooperation with our client we carry out planning, organization, control and promotion of sales programs.

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Organizational Development and Managing Results

Specialists of Residence MC will help you implement a regular organizational development function.In cooperation with our client we will set up the work of all the systems in the company and organize a regulatory activity system. We will create high quality and efficiency of all operations and conflict-free interaction between divisions.Our staff will also oversee compliance with all internal rules and regulations. We will optimize all internal business processes and the authority distribution scheme, so that all functional subdivisions would function simultaneously and consistently, helping achieve business goals and meet the planned indicators.

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Information systems and IT support

Depending on the scale of the company’s activities, supporting own IT division is not always profitable. Specialists of Residence MC, as part of their business support service, offer regular support of the information system in the company, support and modernization of IT infrastructure. The rates you will pay to our staff will be considerably lower than the expenses that maintaining a separate IT department would entail. Our staff’s qualification and experience will guarantee high effectiveness of our work.

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The way we work
  • A joint work of several MC "Residence" departments ensures a comprehensive approach to solving tasks of a client company;
  • Under the conditions of cooperation with the specialists of a client company, we solve the Client's tasks by combining experience, competence and knowledge of the specifics of work in the company.
  • We offer only those types of services that are really necessary for the Client based on the individual needs of a client company;
  • Plans and the form of works, reference points for each company are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the criteria and objectives of the client;
  • In cooperation with the owner of the company, we develop methods for flexible response to market changes;
  • When supporting business, we take into account history of each company, peculiarities of its corporate culture and scope of its activities.
  • Practical implementation of recommendations for a client company;
  • Experience of practitioners in the development of management systems with geographically distributed structures;
  • Fulfillment of all functional duties and responsibility for the result by Management Company "Residence".
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