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Accounting services consulting

Residence Management Company specialists will help the business owner to make sure that the company maintains records correctly, get a full picture of the company's real profit, and improve business processes.

Company experts give you an opportunity to get private consultation in order to understand the difficult situation and get professional advice.

Company employees determine client’s needs during the professional survey and offer an exclusive solution: selection and introduction of effective tools, support at all stages of changes, responsibility for the result. Many years of experience and knowledge of the specialists will allow the owner to save time and money on solving business management operational issues.

In what situations is Accounting services consulting?
  • Force majeure (drop in the company's profit, changes in legislative requirements and external financial conditions, etc.)
  • Inadequate qualification of internal accounting staff of an enterprise to solve complex strategic tasks
  • Incompliance of the accounting documentation with the current legislation and objective requirements of the market, owners, management
  • Inaccurate or incomplete accounting and management accounting data
  • Loss of records
What we offer to solve problems
Managerial survey of accounting function

Experienced qualified employees will check and evaluate the company's records management, accounting, and internal reporting system. Based on the results of the survey, recommendations will be made to adjust accounting records. Identification and prevention of risks and mistakes in accounting based on the survey results will allow the enterprise to avoid violations of the requirements of controlling bodies and internal auditors in the future.

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Accounting procedures establishment

Correctly created foundation makes a great contribution to the correct accounting in the future and saves time and money of the company.

To arrange accounting correctly, company specialists develop rules and regulations for the client, taking into account various aspects of business activities.

The experts of Residence Management Company will establish accounting procedures in terms of document transfer, software selection, its customization, and will train the employees of the client company engaged in regular accounting.

Employees of the company will also help in the accounting procedure establishment for the internal users (often referred to as management accounting); it is used to control the safety of assets, find ways to conduct business activities reasonably, discover hidden reserves, and identify financial result of the enterprise for management and owners. Accounting for internal users reflects those business nuances that are not part of the regulated accounts, ensures more transparency for decision-making within the company. As part of this task, the specialists of Residence Management Company organize a data collection system by organizing extensive accounting analytics, taking into account the needs of various functional areas and the configuration of the company's information space.

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Recovery of accounting records

If a reliable foundation for the competent accounting and management accounting was not formed in a timely manner, some of the data during the company’s activity may be lost and the company might find itself in a situation where it needs to recover accounting records.

Loss of reporting and financial documents can also result in the need to recover accounting records for a certain period.

In addition, sometimes companies are faced with changes in the requirements of legislation or the taxation system, and as a result, reporting requires data that was not taken into account in the previous accounting model.

Employees of Residence Management Company will recover the missing data for the required accounting period, taking into account all the circumstances.

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Setting up a system for initial documentation

A company often creates several software products for the convenience of different units. Data is fed into each software product many times, as a result, resources are used irrationally, and information can be distorted for the benefit of different units. When setting up an accounting system in a company, the specialists of Residence Management Company arrange the work in such a way that the same information is entered once and transferred from one system to the other system remaining correct. This allows the whole company to work in a single information field.

Owners of geographically distributed companies can sometimes find it difficult to decide on how to organize accounting: to employ staff in each city, at each sales point, or to do the bookkeeping on a centralized basis? Having extensive experience of working with distributed structures, the company's specialists can help customers to correctly distribute areas of responsibility and optimize business processes. We will develop recommendations to the software in cooperation with the Information Systems Department. As a result of an integrated approach, the right solution is developed ‒ an optimal information system that is convenient for business processes.

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Preparation and submission of reports

Reporting for external bodies can be prepared both in a detailed form and in an abridged form. In some situations, the company management is faced with the question of which scope and set of reporting documents should be provided, as this depends on the specific nature of the activity.

Today, most companies are required to submit reports electronically. Specialists of Residence Management Company will undertake the unloading and processing of data and submission of reports in the required form, with the necessary composition and scope.

In order to prepare and submit complete and correct reports to external bodies, the specialist now is required to be well informed of the latest updates of legislation and practice, possess a large amount of knowledge and high qualification. To solve complex tasks that are beyond the regular workload usual for the employees, it is more expedient for the companies to use the services of an external service with a qualified chief accountant.

An additional bonus may include holding reconciliations with supervisory authorities in respect of settlements on taxes and other payments and eliminating discrepancies.

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Comprehensive inventory auditing of assets and liabilities

The main objective of a comprehensive inventory auditing is to determine the real financial situation of a company and the business success. Availability of inventoried assets and liabilities will confirm the real profit of the company.

Inventory auditing of assets implies, in addition to the estimate of goods in the warehouse, estimate of property, taking into account its depreciation, estimate of accounts receivable, reconciling with counterparties, estimate of cash on the settlement account, at the cash desk, control of the limited-issue forms, long-term capital investments, and other assets.

Similar to assets, you can conduct inventory audit of liabilities: accounts payable to suppliers, outstanding credits and loans, settlements with founders, salary settlements with employees, tax authorities. Our experts will reconcile with the creditors, which will confirm the amount of debt under business agreements.

The information obtained as a result of the inventory of assets and liabilities allows forming the balance of the enterprise on the date of inventory, which in the end will confirm or refute the data received from the previous profit and loss statements.

In any case, we work on the principles of confidentiality and mutual trust.

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The way we work
  • Domain specialists of Residence Management Company carry out consulting of accounting services and accounting support of organizations in close cooperation with related departments for the most effective and comprehensive solution of client's tasks
  • Accounting support can be provided both using our employees only, and in cooperation with the employees of the client company. We will offer a convenient mode of cooperation that optimizes the costs of the client
  • Specialists take into account the nuances and specifics of the activities of each client company. Residence Management Company employs specialists with experience in almost all industries with a specific account for: production, public catering, advertising, construction, trade, services, motor transport, foreign economic activity
  • The report forms and the package of documents are developed for the clients on a case-by-case basis depending on their needs and requests. The documents are provided in the company office
  • Relationships are built through decision-makers on the part of the client, based on trust
  • Experts of the company identify the main problem, develop a solution, and determine the type of the required service based on the needs of the client company. When choosing the form of work, we adapt to the client's mode of operation
  • The first consultation with a specialist who will identify problem areas and necessary services is free of charge
  • We guarantee insurance against risks of management errors to our customers
  • Our specialists take into account financial, managerial, legal, and other aspects of the accounting organization. We identify problems, develop recommendations, carry out qualified accounting activities from one-time tasks to long-term support of companies
  • Extensive experience and high qualification of specialists will allow achieving high results, saving time and effort

What you will receive as a result

  • Saving time and energy for management activities
  • Increase in the cost of the company, business success
  • Increase in the transparency of business processes, manageability, and efficiency
  • Objective, prompt, and regular reporting for management decisions
  • Decrease in dependence on personnel
  • Comprehensiveness of services
  • Versatility
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