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Types of services

Trust business management

Residence Management Company provides an exclusive business trust management service. Together with our Clients we solve tasks in the areas of organizational development and strategic management of companies, automation of business processes of companies, construction of holdings with complex organizational structure, management of geographically-distributed companies.

Organizational and management consulting

We diagnose problems in the company and help make business manageable. Based on the individual needs of the client company, together with the Client, we distribute authority and responsibility areas within the company and create regulations.

Marketing consulting

The key area is strategic marketing. We analyze external and internal environment of the company and develop a marketing strategy aimed at maximizing the company's goals achievement. We support the company in the course of solving problems in marketing, advertising, PR.

Human resources management consulting

We help evaluate and fulfil the potential of each employee in the company. Together with the Client we organize HR management systems, HR adaptation, evaluation and incentives systems. We recruit the best employees for the client company based on the business goals and objectives.

Financial and economic consulting

We find and implement effective solutions to improve the financial performance of the client company. We conduct a full and correct assessment of the financial condition of the company and help choose the direction for development.

Accounting services consulting

We will help you to make sure that the accounting records are well maintained in the company. We organize accounting for internal use. We can prepare and restore the necessary reporting.

Consulting on legal issues

We support the Client in the process of concluding transactions and signing contracts. We will help ensure economic security in the transactions. We protect the interests of our Clients in arbitration. We provide exclusive services, and protect confidentiality.

IT Consulting

We diagnose the risks of the Client's information system. An independent evaluation by our experts will help determine whether equipment and software need upgrading. We help ensure information security.

Business Support

In the course of work on projects of complex trust business management, together with the Client we analyze the current condition of the subdivisions in the company, identify shortcomings or gaps in functional areas.

Consulting for groups of companies

Residence MC provides complex consulting services for groups of companies. In close interaction with the Client, we organize a management system in a geographically-distributed company, and help form a holding company.

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