Trust management

Trust management of the business supposes integrated management of all resources and processes with a view to achieve the targeted business result.

We work on various legal grounds, observing the principles of legal transparency of relations and strict implementation of undertaken organizational and financial obligations.

The realization of trust management projects includes the following main stages:

  • Audit
    • We evaluate the current state of business in all key areas: finance, marketing, human resources, management and information technologies systems, legal support. 
    • We determine legal form of cooperation.
    • We draw a conclusion by result of the audit, agree on business goals, take decisions on the terms of cooperation.
  • Development
    • We develop the strategy, budgets and work plans for the contract period or for the first evaluated period.
    • We create the entire corpus of documents and regulations for different areas.
  • Inculcation
    • We accept the business in our trust management; provide interim reports for activity areas in accordance with the budgets and plans; evaluate the financial result for the period.
    • We achieve the goal expressed in numerical values; set new tasks; proceed ahead.

Currently the below companies are in our trust management: