Residence Lean Production

The management system is an axial foundation with the key elements of business resources concentrated around it: product, people, money.

RLP is an adaptation of a Japanese concept of Toyota Production System (TPS) to current market conditions.

This technology is based on optimization of production which makes its possible to identify the company's surplus processes that do not bring added value to the consumers, or rather reduce it.

The realization of RLP will provide:

  • Reduction of unnecessary inventories and finished products in the production process;
  • Improvement of products quality, reduction of refuse and reconditioning which results in increased customer loyalty;
  • Reduced timing of production and delivery of products to the consumers;
  • Ensuring high productivity and efficiency of production;
  • Reduction of unproductive work connected with relocation and storage of goods which leads to reduction in production costs;
  • Reduction of production premises which reduces the company's fixed costs.

Confirmed results of introducing RLP in various industries:

The RLP system is being developed or has already been successfully implemented for: