Human resources management

Three obvious facts:

The payroll budget is the second largest cost item after the innovations management system, being the first priority in the companies producing the intellectual product.

People are a fundamental business resource for any organization, since it is people who produce the product and yield money.

An effective employee is a happy employee, the one who heads to work willingly. Otherwise, he is a servitor looking for happiness at the websites with job advertisements.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you sure you are not overpaying? To what extent does your remuneration system meet the market, the employees' qualification level, their contribution to formation of the company's profitability? Does the salary motivate them at all?
  • How effective is your system for setting goals and evaluating the results?
  • What does your company offer to people besides salary? Well, except for salaries and corporate parties?
  • How much did you invest in training of your employees over the past year? Did you feel any effect from this investment?
  • Yesterday you worked successfully; you are successful today. How much are your people prepared for tomorrow's challenges? Do they have due qualification and motivation to continue struggling for success?
  • Do you have staff turnover? What if we find it? Turnover is not only a series of hiring and firing; there is also an "internal migration", when a newly hired employee loses motivation very soon and does not generate the desired results.
  • Are you sure you're selecting the best ones? If so, what do you do for them to stay with you for a long time?
  • How attractive is your company as an employer? You are not only a buyer, but also a seller in the labour market: to what extent is your HR brand in demand among the best candidates?
  • Can you boast of a team - or they are a group of randomly hired people, indifferent to each other? Mutual trust and support - or intrigues and whistleblowing?
  • And finally:
    how satisfied are your staffers with the company as the employer?

The human resource management system of Residence MC is a comprehensive work based on the following elements:

  • HR-brand in terms of external and internal contour;
  • Corporate culture;
  • System of recruitment and adaptation;
  • Management of remuneration and incentives;
  • Labour pool, talents management and staff development system;
  • Corporate training;
  • Setting goals and evaluating efficiency;
  • HR record keeping.

We will create an efficient human resource management structure "from the scratch" and "on a turnkey basis".

We will help you to recruit the best candidates at the optimum price, to retain them and secure their efficiency.

The human resource management system developed by Residence MC has been successfully implemented by the following companies: